Hey there alumni of “The Bay” !!

We miss you and we want to hear from you. There are many thousands of you and not enough of you are in touch with us. And that’s not your fault. We haven’t reached out to you often enough or loudly enough. That changes now.


To get started, please tell us how Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club impacted your life.


We want to share your story here and hopefully we can impact someone else's life just as positive as we have impacted yours. Keep in touch with us either through e-mail or become a fan of ours and share your pictures and quick stories on facebook. Your support for "The Bay" is very important to us, and the reason we are still able to serve the 11,000 kids that we do today throughout our 10 sites in the Bronx.

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Kerry Washington



The wonderful young actress who gave such a strong and dignified portrayal of Ray Charles’ beleaguered wife in the movie Ray  and stars in the hit TV series Scandal  was a club member at Kips Bay in the early '90s. Ms. Washington demonstrates the capacity of our arts program to help launch youngsters of real talent and commitment to impressive careers.


In truth, we were not aware of Kerry until she most graciously began to mention us in the media. Ms. Washington was in the dance program, but not the more visible K-Company. Still, our dance program, with its professional instruction leading to the impressive annual recital that we call “Broadway Babies”, was a powerful boost to the youthful artist. In 2005 she emailed us from Africa - where she was filming - to express her appreciation for the experience she had here. In 2007 Kerry served as Co-Chair of our 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Performing Arts at Kips Bay.


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