Hey there alumni of “The Bay” !!

We miss you and we want to hear from you. There are many thousands of you and not enough of you are in touch with us. And that’s not your fault. We haven’t reached out to you often enough or loudly enough. That changes now.


To get started, please tell us how Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club impacted your life.


We want to share your story here and hopefully we can impact someone else's life just as positive as we have impacted yours. Keep in touch with us either through e-mail or become a fan of ours and share your pictures and quick stories on facebook. Your support for "The Bay" is very important to us, and the reason we are still able to serve the 11,000 kids that we do today throughout our 10 sites in the Bronx.

Ed Pinckney

-Former NBA Player-

Assistant Basketball Coach,

Villanova University


Born in 1963, Ed Pinckney grew up in the Bronx, N.Y. and attended the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, because, he recalls, he wanted to avoid playing basketball outdoors during the cold winters there. After honing his skills at the Club, Pinckney was accepted at Villanova University and became one of the finest basketball players in the school's history.


During his time there, the Wildcats captured the university's only NCAA championship title.  A number one draft choice of the Phoenix Suns in 1985, Pinckney spent 12 years in the National Basketball Association. Following his retirement in 1997, Pinckney joined the Miami Heat organization as part of its broadcasting team. Coming full circle, he returned to Villanova in 2003 as an assistant basketball coach. Reflecting on his Club experience, Pinckney says, "The Club helped us."

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