Hey there alumni of “The Bay” !!

We miss you and we want to hear from you. There are many thousands of you and not enough of you are in touch with us. And that’s not your fault. We haven’t reached out to you often enough or loudly enough. That changes now.


To get started, please tell us how Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club impacted your life.


We want to share your story here and hopefully we can impact someone else's life just as positive as we have impacted yours. Keep in touch with us either through e-mail or become a fan of ours and share your pictures and quick stories on facebook. Your support for "The Bay" is very important to us, and the reason we are still able to serve the 11,000 kids that we do today throughout our 10 sites in the Bronx.

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Daniel Quintero

-Boys & Girls Club Professional-



Ten-year-old Danny Quintero walked into Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in 1970 and, truly, never left the Movement. At “The Bay” he began a life long love of baseball that led to a stint in professional baseball, followed by a return to Boys & Girls Clubs, first at Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, followed by the Northeast Regional Office. In December 1996 Dan returned to Kips Bay, the first Bronx native and first alumnus to lead the organization. His tenure has been characterized by sustained growth, in membership, venues of service, and program innovation. From a 1996 membership of 5,559 and 4 sites, Kips Bay grew, by the end of FY06, to 12,910 members at 10 sites, including new service delivery at two homeless shelters and two public housing projects. Program innovation includes teen entrepreneurial project learning, and obesity prevention, funded, in part, through Kips Bays’ first federal grant through Congressman Crowley. In 2002 the Frederic R. Coudert Sports Complex was constructed on the Palmaro Clubhouse grounds. Construction of an 11th service venue, our future West Bronx Clubhouse, is expected to begin in the fall of 2007. Championed by Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion, the future Clubhouse will be state-of-the art.



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