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This is a time like no other in the history of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.  

We need to make upgrades so that our facilities are as big as our vision for the future - to continue in our tradition of educational excellence and empowerment for all children.  We now have an extraordinary opportunity to transform the future of thousands of children through our staff, programs, and state-of-the-art facilities, and we need an investment in our future to achieve these goals. 


With your help, we can ensure that the future of Kips Bay is as inspiring as its storied past, and that the organization will impact the lives of many more children.Although we measure our outcomes closely in the children who we serve, the actual impact of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club extends much farther.  An investment in our children is not only an investment in their future success, but it is also a preventative measure against so many other paths available to them.  The social value we provide, in safe neighborhoods, healthy members, and teenagers who resist the temptations of violence and drugs and instead turn to education and community service, is our greatest return on that investment in our young people.


Our vision for the future of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is bold.  The opportunity ahead of us has the potential to transform the work we do.  This investment in our future will see the Club transformed, yet constant in its mission to improve the lives of Bronx youth.  Our strategic vision will come to life.  We invite you to help us achieve catalytic growth and the life-changing development of our Club members. 

T.D. Bank

T.D Bank brings you the opportunity to contribute to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club through their Affinity Program. If you open a T.D. Bank account, or are an existing customer, you can participate. The bank will make a $50 contribution to Kips Bay for each new checking account and each new account owner will also receive $25. If you are an existing T.D. Bank customer, and you register Kips Bay as your charity, T.D. Bank will contribute $10 annually to Kips Bay.

To register Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club as your charity, please call 718-563-1290 and mention the Affinity Program.

Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club code is: AH191

Amazon Smile

Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is a registered partner with Amazon. Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchased products labeled Amazon Smile to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. To sign up, visit and choose Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club as your charity of choice.

Text to Give/ Spare Change  (Text KIPSBAY to 21000)

Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club has partnered with Cheerful Giving programs; TEXT TO GIVE and Spare Change. TEXT TO GIVE allows you to make a onetime charitable contribution and SPARE CHANGE allows you give your spare change by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. 


To sign up, text "KIPSBAY" to 21000 and give a donation or choose to link your debit card or bank account to SPARE CHANGE.


You can pause donations at any time by logging into your account and visiting your Donation Settings. You can also set a monthly limit. Roundup donations will halt once you reach your monthly cap.

Vehicles For Charity


Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is collaborating with Vehicles for Charity for vehicle donations. If you are interested in donating a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or camper, just contact our friends at Vehicles for Charity at 866-628-2277 and tell them you have a vehicle you would like to donate to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. They’ll take care of the rest. 

Matching Gifts


Matching gifts is a corporate giving program that offers gift matching to employees. Select employers will match charitable contributions made by you to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer’s name on


Restricted Gifts

A donor may choose to designate a gift for a specific capital project(s) or designate a gift to our Endowment. Gifts totaling $100,000 or above are eligible.


Gifts of Cash

Some gifts to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club are cash contributions, allowing donors to receive full tax benefits if they itemize deductions.



Commitments made as pledges can be paid over a period of three to five years.


Planned Gifts/ Bequests

Bequests are typically made through a will or a retirement account and can be gifts of cash, securities, real estate, or personal property.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

The Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT) is similar to other charitable annuities. A donor contributes assets to a charitable trust that pays an annuity designed to leave a substantial proportion of the funds to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club upon termination of the annuity. However, the remainder trust has the advantage of being structured as a separate trust fund. This means that Kips Bay cannot incur liability as a result of the annuity because the funds are in a separate legal structure.


Gifts of Life Insurance

If the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is named as a sole and irrevocable owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy the market value (usually the cash surrender value) of the policy is deductible as a charitable gift.


Gifts of Securities

A gift of appreciated securities either publicly traded or from a private company, may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash.  The donor can deduct the current fair market value as a charitable gift and completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.


Gifts in Kind: The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club will gratefully receive a range of non-monetary gifts, commonly referred to as gifts-in-kind. Examples of gifts-in-kind include artwork, professional services, special equipment, and other tangible personal property.


Gifts of Personal Property

Contributions of tangible personal property, including land, rare books, works of art, and antiques, may provide immediate tax advantages.


For More Information Please Contact:

Nazira Handal, Director of Special Events + Corporate Partnerships

Email -


Brian Egan, Grants Manager

Email -

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