Way of Life Shotokan Karate

Way Of Life Shotokan Karate is dedicated to teaching traditional Shotokan Karate in a modern world. We practice a do, which means we study the philosophical and spiritual aspects of Shotokan as well as physical training and practical applications. Our unique way of combining traditional Martial Arts, etiquette, and philosophy with the modern concepts of fitness, self-defense, and competition is unparalleled. We ensure that your training is intense and vigorous, while maintaining a safe and fun learning environment that encourages individuals of all ages to reach their potential.Our club employs the martial art tradition of those with the greatest experience helping those with the least. All classes include proper warm-up, strength training, skills practice, and warm down with stretching. All classes include an element of strength and endurance training, with tactical and technical drills to improve karate and self-defense technique. Classes are also broken down into smaller groups for more individual belt-specific instruction in an aspect of karate training.


For more information, please see our instructors.

Norman Smith- Sensei

Miguel Novoa- Senpai

Paul Cortissoz-Yudansha



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