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Meet Kaylyn, Kips Bay's 2021 Youth of the Year!

Kaylyn Pabon headshot.jpg

Kaylyn Pabon

Hello, my name is Kaylyn Amaya Pabon.

I am applying for the role of National Youth of the Year.


The impact I hope to make as a National Youth of the year will be to show our young people all over the country that all of their dreams are achievable and how Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club can open the door to many positive, impactful opportunities.


Growing up in a disenfranchised neighborhood in the Bronx I witnessed many kids unfortunately doubt themselves or fall under the negative influences of our surroundings at a very young age. This causes our youth to be less motivated to achieve great things in life, and more likely to go down the wrong path. I faced many difficulties at an early age being a young Latina from the Bronx. Those hardships combined with adversities from school and from home can be very overwhelming. Growing up in a troubled household and experiencing severe bullying at school was a normality for me, and these types of treacherous environments are also the inopportune realities for many of our youth. 


If it wasn't for the Fredric R. & Margaret Coudert Clubhouse, I wouldn't have had a place to escape these traumatic experiences. I believe I can be a relatable candidate for many kids especially those facing difficult obstacles. Since Kips Bay has always been an important impact in my life by leading me towards positive alternatives and developmental programs, I want to shed light on my Kips Bay experience to other young people. I believe it will be ideal to share my story and show how Kips Bay is more than an afterschool program, it's a second home.


I appreciate this amazing opportunity to become the National Youth of the year. I am determined to be an amazing advocate to for the positive growth of our youth and to give back to Kips Bay for all it has done for me." 


Now it’s time for Kaylyn to represent Kips Bay on the state level stage!

Thank you all for your support! 

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