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The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Performing Arts Program has been cultivating young, enthusiastic artists for 33 years. Over 5000 members have participated in dance, singing and drama classes. Many of our alumni have taken their performing arts skills to a professional level and are now teachers, singers, and actors. Such alumni are Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Veronica Vazquez, Damaris Lopez, Dominic Colon, Erica Strubbe, Brett Sturgis, J.D. Martinez, Tenile Jimenez, Asia Nitallano, Danielle Polonco, Lorraine Martinez, Sabrina Nieves, Giovannia Santos and Anthony Rodriguez.


Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, Kips Bay Alumnus, has been named the first spokeswomen for Boys & Girls Club of America. At the announcement Jennifer expressed her feelings on being a member of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. “When I was a little girl from the Bronx running to Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club to sing and dance…I didn’t know what was in store for me then” said Jennifer. “But I know that with Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, I had a place to go”.


The Performing Arts offers instruction in Ballet, Latin, Latin Jazz, African, and Hip-Hop dance. 

Piano classes are also offered.  Classes are at a nominal fee.

Please attend registration for additional information.

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