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The Kips Bay Clubhouse at P.S. 304 & M.S. 101 is an afterschool program that offers a variety of specialized programs designed to enhance and develop children both socially and academically.


The Clubhouse at P.S. 304 & M.S. 101 also provides its members two unique programs designed to enrich and enhance members’ experience. The K.I.S.S.E.S and D.O.E.R. program; Kindness Is Something Special Easily Shared & Dedicated to the Ongoing Enrichment and the Revitalization of our community are two outreach programs used to demonstrate and exemplify how a small act of kindness can go a long way.


Members are greeted with a hot meal served daily, and an opportunity to be socially engaged among peers before activities. 

Clubhouse Info


Rebecca Perez

Program Director, P.S. 304

2750 Lafayette Avenue

Bronx, NY 10465

(718) 829-6372 ext. 4443

Clubhouse Hours:

Monday – Friday

2:30p - 5:30p


Ryan Wong

Program Director, M.S. 101



  • The program is open to members in grades 1 thru 6 who attend either P.S. 304 or M.S. 101.

  • Program membership is FREE for our members in P.S. 304 and M.S. 101

  • The program runs five days a week from dismissal time till 5:30 pm.

  • Open during certain holidays and school half-days.

  • Programs provide our members with academic, physical, and social enrichment.

  • Facilities include access to classrooms, gymnasium, chill room, dance studio, digital arts studio, music room, and technology corner (iPads, laptops, and mini-cinema).

  • "Homework Help” supervised by certified teachers.

  • Intramural Sports

  • Computer Literacy/Programming

  • Digital Arts – Animation /Short Films

  • Quiet Reading Area (Chill Room) 


Members will receive instruction on various band instruments starting with guitars and will learn the correlation between music composition and math. (STEM)

K.I.S.S.E.S. / D.O.E.R.

Kindness Is Something Special Easily Shared/ Dedicated to the Ongoing Enrichment and Revitalization of our community is a leadership and community service-based curriculum designed to instill a sense of belonging to the local and global communities of today’s society. Members will first identify a specific need/goal and then plan to implement fund raising activities to help satisfy that goal. (i.e. buying mosquito nets for our sister school in Kenya.)

Intramural Sports – members will participate in tournaments and competitions in the particular discipline learned in physical education classes during the school day and carried over in after school programming.

Technology Corner

Use of computer technology for school projects and other activities designed to promote the CORE curriculum. (STEM)

Manga Mania

Combining literacy with the visual and creative arts. Members will view examples of manga (Japanese animation and graphic novel techniques) to create their own storyboards.

Money Matters

A Boys & Girls Club curriculum that teaches financial literacy through a practical experience of operating a school base shop, catering to both members and parents.

Physical Recreation

Members will be introduced to various sports disciplines. Appropriate to their grade level, rules, regulations, skills with a strong emphasis on coordination and sportsmanship. 

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