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Our P.S. 138 Unit provides fun and engaging comprehensive after-school and summer programming to elementary school level youths through funding from the Department of Youth & Community Development’s COMPASS (Comprehensive After School System of New York City) initiative.


Through this initiative, we can carry out our vision of assisting young people in realizing their potential for growth and development by utilizing our trained and motivated staff, and nationally renowned programs to produce positive contributors to society.


We do this by adhering to our mission of enriching and enhancing the quality of life for young people by providing educational and developmental programs, with a particular focus on youngsters between ages 6 to 12 who come from disadvantaged or disenfranchised circumstances. 

Clubhouse Info


Anthony Poe

Program Director

2060 Lafayette Avenue

Bronx, NY 10473

(718) 828-4518 ext. 14104

Clubhouse Hours:

Monday – Friday

2:30p - 5:30p


Tanya Tyler

Assistant Program Director

Charlyn Q. Professional Pic.jpeg

Charlyn Quinones

Administrative Assistant



Nutritious Snack

Upon arrival to the program, each member receives a snack to start their afterschool activities feeling nourished and rejuvenated.


Power Hour (Homework Help)

Members have 45 minutes to one hour of homework help 4 days a week. Either they work within their assigned group to do their homework or are signed up to get smaller group assistance in our homework room. It is here members are provided with support, resources, and the guidance necessary to complete their homework which allows them to start the next school day with confidence and stay on course towards advancing to the next grade. 


Physical Recreation 

Members engage in activities that build their understanding of the importance of eating healthy and staying active. During their time in physical recreation, they take part in our Mighty Milers and Healthy Habits programs. Through these two activities, staff help to build members’ endurance, support their understanding of sportsmanship and team building skill, as well as, track their progress and encourage members to make these healthy habits a lifelong commitment.


Character Development

Through the implementation of Character Counts, members learn and exhibit the fundamental behavior necessary to garner teamwork, develop the concept of friendship, and how they play a key role in helping to make the world a better place by showing Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Citizenship, Caring and Fairness known as the Six Pillars of Character. We take it a step further by teaching members anti-bullying techniques to help them feel safe and secure while in the program or in any environment.


Academic Enrichment

Our activities are geared to support each member’s academic goals of improving and/or maintaining their grades, as well as, completing their grade level in order to transition to the next level of schooling. Staff engages members in a total of one hour of Literacy and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) and career exploration each week. These activities are ingrained in our themes and creatively delivered through our arts-based programming that entail Performing Arts (dance, theater and vocal music), Visual/Creative arts (art, photography and film), Culinary Arts (cooking, entrepreneurial workshops and hospitality), as well as, Sports and Recreation (which consists of seasonal sports). Members engaged in the sports component have an opportunity to compete with other sites or programs.  These themed activities take place in cycles to ensure members have an opportunity to learn about the careers within these fields, research topics within the themes that they will perform at the end of the cycle, as well as, become exposed to historical events they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Members taking part in these activities showcase what they learn through a performance and/or creative presentation.


Special Events

Every year members take part in other special, seasonal and cultural events. We have a Haunted House for the members and the community in October; in November we have our Family Pot Luck where parents and members come together to share in a communal meal with their peers; and in December we have our Holiday Celebration where for the last two years, members have been fortunate to receive gifts from volunteers through New York Cares Winter Wishes program. They also engage in other performances that showcase each member’s talents.


Holiday Programming

13 days out the school year, when schools are closed, members take part in full-day activities that entail off-site trips, themed academic enrichment activities such as community service for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, etc... On these days members attend from 8am-6pm. Consent forms are given a week in advance and must be signed and returned.


Summer Day Camp

Summer day camp runs each year for 7 weeks from early July to mid-August. During summer camp, members are engaged in most of the activities listed above.  During their two days of in-house activities, they engage in two days of local trips off-site throughout New York City, and one day of travel on a trip anywhere around New York State or beyond. Summer programming allows members to be actively engaged in programming that supports their academic, social and emotional growth while exposing them more extensively to the world at large. Registration for summer day camp begins late March through early April.


To register your child for after school programming, please contact Brenda Rodriguez at 718-828-4518 ext. 14104 Monday through Friday during office hours. We accept HRA and ACS vouchers.

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