Kips Bay Scholarship Program

KBSP Flyer 2021-2022.jpg

The Kips Bay Scholarship Program (KBSP) provides financial assistance to Club members and alumni, who attend tuition-based school. KBSP is an opportunity for Kips Bay to support the academic pursuits of our young people and celebrate their success as scholars and community members. KBSP aims to empower our Club members and community to further their education and pursue their passions in life. With every scholarship awarded, Kips Bay invests in the future.

It is important that all candidates accurately complete the application and submit ALL required documentation by the established deadline date, Monday May 31st, 2021.

Applicants must be an active Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club member or alumni, enrolled in tuition-based school and meet the recipient criteria below. All scholarships are eligible for renewal yearly:

New applicants must submit a personal statement (traditional essay or creative alternative, see page 3 of the application)

• Proof of enrollment & yearly tuition statement

• Send report card/transcript at the end of each grading period

• Complete ten hours of community service at a Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club site

• Write letter of impact to the Kips Bay Board of Trustees 

• Attend one KBSP event yearly